Sunday, January 20, 2013

The January Crazies

It's officially Worst Time of the Winter where I no longer feel like I have cabin fever but actually start to dread leaving the house because it's Last year was kind of like a movie version of winter where people go ice skating in regular clothes with the addition of ear muffs and mittens and everyone sips hot chocolate with a smile on their face. "Brrr, isn't it cold? No not really, this snow is just grated bars of ivory soap". Well, this year is real winter. As in having to Google whether or not you can get frost bite on your eyeballs because that walk through the parking lot was so cold your tears froze. Turns out yes, they can get frost bitten, sort of.

Anyway, at Christmas I was happy to stay inside snuggled up with the family and now I'm just happy to stay inside because please, no, it's so coooooooold out there. That means we've been really creative in our entertainment. We've pulled out puzzles and games we haven't played in ages and we've read every book in the house 15 times. I've been taking lots of pictures of the boys doing a whole lot of...nothing. Good thing they're so cute.



We did venture out for two things. The boys had a joint doctors appointment last week that went much smoother than I thought it would. Everyone who sees Rory always says "Wow what a big baby!". That or "She's so sweet!". I wasn't really sure if he is/was all that big or if people were just mesmerized by his squishy cheeks. Turns out he's pretty big. Tall and a wee bit plump. The best body type for snuggling (proven to keep you warm!).  He's still doing his steamroller act and is sort of sitting up. Every time I mention that he's not crawling yet people say "Of course not! He's too young!" but my only other experience is with Aiden who, at six months, was sitting totally unsupported, crawling and pulling himself to standing. So, Rory, thank you for moving a little slower and giving me a fighting chance at keeping you safe. If you were this big and totally mobile, you'd be getting your first set of hockey pads.

The other thing we had on our agenda was registering Aiden for kindergarten. Yeah.  He's getting used to the idea and seems more excited as time passes. Sean and I are like kindergarten's biggest cheerleaders. "Go big K! It's the best! Lunch in the cafe and then recess! Woooo!". On the inside though I'm excited and nervous and worried. I think the problem is that I'm not really far enough from my own school experience to be viewing it through rose colored glasses yet.  I remember how fun it could be but also how mean kids can be, and sometimes teachers too. Aiden, like me, is sensitive and I just want to be his human shield for a little longer. This is just another one of those things they have to do on their own but I wish I could be there with him keeping bullies at bay and reminding him how totally capable and smart and cool he is. I just have to try and teach him that a little bit everyday so that he can go off on his own with my words there like a big psychic bodyguard. Anyway, that's a ways off. I have quite awhile before I'm allowed to have a full on mental breakdown over my baby just wandering off into real life (real life for five year olds anyway).

It's funny, but I never thought I'd be this emotional over him starting school. It's kind of ridiculous. I just don't like change. Well, I like change that we choose on our own terms but I especially dislike change that's thrust upon you in ready-or-not fashion even if it is inevitable and you see it coming from a mile away. In a similar vein: Aiden's fish died. It had been sick for a little while and despite my best use of Google there was nothing that worked to get him healthy again. One morning, that was it. It made me feel terrible, briefly and mostly for Aiden, but it was still a surprise just how much of a knife to the heart it was. Aiden, very solemnly, said "Fishy, I'm so so sorry" and sort of waited a very prayerful moment before saying rather brightly "When  can we get a new one?". That was that.  Life goes on, even my five year old gets it. I need to get with the program.

Anyway, this took a rather serious turn didn't it? From the weather to growth and change and mortality. It's January okay? We're all going a little cuckoo. I'll leave you with my two favorite kooks doing their usual double comedy act: