Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas, 6 Months and Three Years

 A holiday, a half birthday and an anniversary over the course of two days. Whew! Actually, after our whirlwind trip last weekend I did in fact get my wish to not leave the house for three (or four) days straight. It was great.

We had a lot of our family over on Christmas day which was wonderful because it meant that rather than lug kids and presents all over the place we got to stay put and just provide the food and the tree. I had adorable outfits picked out for the boys to wear on Christmas before Aiden informed me that he was NOT going to change out of his reindeer pajamas so instead they both wore Christmas pajamas all day. If it weren't for the fact that I'd already gotten dressed I would've been tempted to do the same. The whole day was wonderful and surprisingly relaxing. Instead of running around preparing food and cleaning I had everything on the table at the start of the morning and that was it. We just reveled in heaps of food and wrapping paper.


 Rory opened his own

Official Mess of Christmas

Christmas morning was also the first snow of the season and that little dusting seemed really special. That is until we got about fourteen inches the next night. And then another five or so two days later. Oh yeah. Bring it on winter.

Snow gear

One fun thing about snow: Snowmen!

 Another fun thing about snow: instant beer cooler!

The snow was actually quite welcome since we didn't have anywhere to be and it gave Aiden a chance to make a big snowman and Sean got to make himself a snow fort. Yeah. I guess guys don't ever grow out of that. I did have to laugh however when Aiden looked out the window yesterday and said "Why is the snow still here? We already went sledding and made a snowman. When is it going away?" Oh sweet boy, welcome to my world.

Christmas was wonderful, our anniversary was snowy and now Rory is six months old. For Christmas he got his two front teeth. Yep, he had one tooth just below the surface for the past couple of months and it finally came in. We have no idea when the second one came in because it just sort of appeared grown in. He has none on top and looks like a beaver or like he has a couple of Chiclet's in his mouth. It's adorable. Until he bites you. Even then it's still pretty adorable.

 He's also (sort of) sitting up. Aiden was crazy advanced when he was a baby and was rolling over, getting himself into a sitting position and pulling himself up at six months. It was very unusual. Rory has shown no sign of sitting up other than to sort of scrunch up on one side like he's vaguely considering trying to sit up. He prefers to roll around the room like a baby steamroller. It's pretty hilarious. Finally the other day I sat him up a let go (surrounded by pillows, I'm not that mean) and voila, he sat there and smiled at us. So, he can't get there himself but he can stay there with help. I guess that counts right?
 Snuggling. Or more accurately, plotting each other's demise.

This past week has been so much fun and so relaxing. There is nothing like building snowmen, hanging out in your pajamas and playing with toys to make you feel like a kid again. 


Vicki said...

Dog is Rory's best friend

Vicki said...

Next year Rory can open his own presents