Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....Halloween?

It snowed last night, which is not all that unusual for late October except for the fact that it actually accumulated a little. It started in the afternoon and when Aiden got up from his nap and saw the snow he turned to me and shouted "MOM! GET MY SLED! GET MY SKIS! WE'VE GOTTA GO OUTSIDE!". After dinner we did spend a little time outside making and throwing snowballs and watching our boot prints fill with wet flakes.

Suddenly it felt like Christmas rather than Halloween. It was lots of fun until 8:30ish when the power flickered a few times and finally went out. Apparently the combination of wet snow and trees with all their leaves proved too much for a power line. I was bumbling around in the dark looking for the flashlight when Aiden came running into our room completely terrified. Sean was the only person who remained calm. We all climbed into our bed and watched Harry Potter on the portable DVD player until the power came back an hour or so later. It was definitely a fun adventure but I'm ready to have fall back at least until Thanksgiving.

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