Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn in New York

Stuff keeps happening, and I keep intending to sit and write it down but then life happens. Honestly, between October and January we're booked solid. It's truly nuts.

It's finally, actually fall! The leaves have finally changed color thank goodness. This weekend we plan to go get a pumpkin to carve, while on Sunday we're hoping to help my best bud Laura carve one of her 100 pumpkins. Yes, that's right, 100 pumpkins. They love Halloween over at her house, and they've previously carved 50, but this year it's 100. I don't have the talent or energy to do it so I'm glad she does because I know it's going to look really amazing on Halloween.

On Sunday afternoon we'll be heading to a Halloween party hosted by one of Aiden's school friends. It's a costume party and Aiden has decided to be a bumblebee this year. He originally wanted to be a shark, then he thought he might go as Buzz Lightyear again, but then he found an old bumblebee costume that used to belong to Sean's sister and that sealed the deal. It's kind of funny, this costume is meant to bee a large costume for a small child (1 to 2 years) but Aiden is so skinny he can still fit into it despite the fact that it's more of a bumblebee vest than a full bumblebee suit. Still, he's resolute in his decision, so we've added some wings and he's good to go.

Then the next weekend Sean and I have a Halloween party, followed by Aiden's school parade and party on Monday. I'm making some goody bags for that and I can't wait to see all the kids marching with their costumes. So cute.

We've also got big things going on for every weekend in November, but I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself or I collapse in a pile of stress and anxiety. I'm trying to remember to actually enjoy everything as it unfolds rather than rush around planning for the next event.

Hopefully we'll get some good pictures of Aiden out having fun that we can share with everyone.

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