Monday, November 18, 2013


It's been a week (uh, plus a little) since we got back from Disney and we've juuuust about recovered.  We left two days after Halloween (which I don't even have photos of because it was such an insane day). There were four adults and two children to wrangle and our arrival at the airport was very reminiscent of Home Alone. All the adults were split up, a suitcase got left behind and Aiden slipped through security without a ticket.

We were all reunited with each other and our luggage and in the grand scheme it was a pretty smooth trip. Rory was pretty cranky and clingy but that was to be expected with the early departure ( we were up at 4:30 am). We stayed at a resort rather than at Disney and we rented a big honking minivan this time instead of relying on resort transportation and it made for a much easier time.

We did Animal Kingdom on Sunday,  spent two days of the week at Magic Kingdom and two days at Epcot and spent our last day at Hollywood Studios. Our trip coincided with the Epcot Food and Wine Festival which turned out to be fantastic. I didn't know much about it before we went but it was food from all over the world and it was so delicious. We ate hamburgers and fries at most of the parks but at Epcot it was filet mignon, escargot, mint lamb chops, fried pork belly and on and on. It was amazing! I was a little sad that being pregnant meant I didn't get to try the wine or alcohol and they had some pretty interesting sounding cocktails: Singapore sling, Eiffel Sours and Tipsy Ducks in Love. Yeah, that last one was especially intriguing. But the food was just beyond.

Aiden had a great time and was so eager to go on all the rides he remembered from last time. In the afternoons he'd start to get pretty run down but once we got into the habit of making sure we relaxed a little or left the park early, he did great. Rory swung between crazed enjoyment of the sights and sounds and being totally overwhelmed and cranky. We knew he was on the young side but he was still able to go on almost every ride and I think he had fun. I can't speak for everyone but I know that I simultaneously enjoyed myself so much and was so exhausted. That's Disney for you though, so much to do and see and we collapsed into bed every night by 8pm.

It was really a vacation to remember and having our moms there made it so great, spending time with them and also having an extra set of arms to help wrangle the kids. We will always remember this one!

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