Friday, October 26, 2012

Tricks or Treats, Who Knows

We are in the heart of the Fall season and the weather is beautifully crisp and cool and the leaves are gorgeous. Anyone who lives in the Northeast knows that Fall makes up for the bitter winters, nonexistent springs and humid summers. Fall is awesome.

I have been unable to post much of anything this month because A) Aiden no longer naps and B) Rory likes to be unpredictable with when exactly he'd like to go to sleep at night. This means that I never know if I'm going to have more than five minutes between chores and children that need to be taken care of. In those brief moments of free time I tend to pick up a magazine and a pint of my two other favorite boys, Ben and Jerry. It's actually taken me about four days to write this post alone!

Yes, I am definitely hurting for "me" time. We stopped Aiden's naptime after many nights of him getting out of bed over and over again because he was too wound up. Rory also has us hopping because some night he sleeps for 7 hour stretches. Those nights are like a Caribbean vacation. Some nights he's up every two hours. Yes. Every. Two. Hours. Every evening is like sitting in a room with someone holding a balloon and a pin and you're just waiting for the giant explosion. Some nights it's right away and some nights it doesn't come for hours but you're still unable to relax because you know it's coming. It's a good thing they're so damn cute. 

One thing I managed to accomplish in all the crazy: Aiden's Halloween costume. It's fantastic. He's going to be both frightening and adorable in one hand sewed, googly eyed bundle. Yes, I did hand sew it all by myself! Yay for me. When I post a picture of this costume you're going to realize that there was barely any sewing involved and yet it took me forever. I'm not crafty and I don't sew so it was a big accomplishment. Naturally, all of this effort on my part will be rewarded with a massive hurricane-snowstorm-apocalypse that will probably cancel Halloween. THANKS NATURE.

We've also started (slowly) trying to get Aiden ready for next year. Yes, I realize it's only October. We want him to love school and I know Aiden so I realize this is going to be a big adjustment. Monumental. He's got some playdates with his buddy down the street who will be in his class next year and he's going to story time at the elementary school to get familiar with the place. His first day of that was...yeah. Not great. He ended up having a huge meltdown over the fact that the organizers wanted the children and parents to separate. Sean ended up staying with him after a full on leg clinging weeping tantrum. One of the other parents, bless their heart, saw this and said "Oh! He must be having so much fun he doesn't want to leave!" and I just smiled and nodded. Yes. Fun. That's whats going on here. Anyway, hopefully we'll progress from utter terror and hysteria to just general unease and maybe on to mild enjoyment. One can only hope.

So, that's our October so far. Bedtime roulette, Halloween costumes, school daze and also maybe a giant storm of doom. We're still holding out for a decent night of trick or treating although perhaps we should considering dress the kids as kites?

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