Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunt!

It's Easter. I know this is the classic refrain of adulthood but: I can't believe how fast time is going! Now that Aiden is in school 3 days a week the weeks sort of zip by and before I know it a month is gone and oh my God I'm in my third trimester. With my second baby. What planet are we on?

Being this pregnant in the Spring makes me feel oddly in tune with nature. I am, along with everything else, bringing forth new life. It sounds like some kind of earth momma, hippy thing but it's hard not to feel that way everything budding and blooming. The only not hippyish thing I've been feeling lately is a new anxiety to get everything ready for the baby. The basement is still about a week away from being done but I'm itching to get everything rearranged and settled. I guess it's the nesting. I keep reminding myself that there is quite a ways to go but the girl scout in me just wants to be prepared and launder onesies and unpack boxes of diapers instead.

Aiden has been busy with school and all this month they are looking for signs of spring and talking about babies and baby animals. He went on an egg hunt at school and just this morning we went on another with some of Sean's coworkers and their children. Aiden was the oldest and got the hang of it very quickly. I kept having to handicap him by making him come over and show me each egg he found so that the other little guys would have a chance. Aiden ended up with two giant baskets full but luckily all the goodies were split equally. It was funny because the other kids would rather sit and eat the chocolate than actually look for eggs but Aiden was zooming around finding all the hiding spots and didn't have any interest in the treats.

One of the children was a little 11 month old named Milo. After Aiden had found all his eggs he just started following Milo around, completely fascinated with him. I keep trying to explain that babies are different from big kids and can't do the same things but every time we've seen one lately he has a million questions and seems either enthralled or repulsed by their behavior. Other than Milo, Aiden had a lot of fun playing with the other two girls. Sometimes he can freeze up in a large group but having just a few kids there seemed to keep him totally occupied and entertained. On the way home he was half asleep in his carseat, giant paper bag full of candy on the floor, just saying "That was so. much. fun."


Vicki said...

What a Big egg Aiden got it in his basket :-)

Vicki said...

more pictures!!!