Thursday, August 6, 2009


Our house is full of silly lately.

Silly things like Aiden wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses...

...around his neck.

He will wear the plastic yellow glasses like this for an hour, carefully reaching up to adjust them just so. I don't know why.

So sometimes you've got to be silly right back.

When Aiden won't sit still in the bath I like to do an operatic rendition of Queen of Memphis, and the combination of my horrible off-key voice and the fact that his mother is acting so strange usually gets him to sit still for a couple minutes.

A little bit of acting out does seem to help everything run more smoothly, because it keeps me from taking things too seriously and it keeps Aiden on his toes. (Until someone walks in and wonders what this escaped mental patient is doing with a toddler, that is).

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